Tips for pitches and presentations

24 April 2020

Below are the best tips I have come across for pitches and presentations.

Three things to aim for while drafting your presentation:

  1. Brevity — keep it as concise as possible while retaining the essence of your message
  2. Levity — humour increases engagement
  3. Repetition — like an essay, say what you will say, give your message, and recap again at the end

Broader tips for pitching and presenting:

  • Failing to plan is planning to fail
    • Rehearsal reduces the likelihood of surprise
    • Watch yourself on video if you can
  • Aim for authenticity rather than perfection
  • Share some of yourself as well as information
    • To persuade, you will need to bring some of yourself in order to create an emotional bond with your audience
  • Choose your words
    • Many use presentation materials as a crutch—they should be incremental to your spoken message
  • Boredom is the enemy
    • Interactivity can be used to engage your audience and keep their attention
  • Establish eye contact
    • This helps your audience to keep their attention on you
  • Get to the point
    • We live in a time of informational overload and short attention spaces; be careful not to provide more information than can be processed as you present
  • Use charts and graphics
    • Only including text will make your presentation less convincing
    • Visuals can enhance the narrative arc by making it more compelling and easier to follow
  • Show rather than tell — better yet, ask
    • Showing interest in your audience will help you to connect
    • An understanding of your audience is essential in crafting your message well
  • Sincerity will see you through
    • Saying what you believe will make it much easier to remember what you aim to say